Business Development Manager

Accredited TEFL/TESOL Courses in UK


S. Jovani

Job title: Global Development Manager

Region: Middle East & Asia



  • MA in TESOL
  • PhD in Educational Management
  • Outstanding teaching history in Westminster College, central headquarters, London since 2009
  • Successful erection of Paris branch and outstanding teaching history in Paris since 2015
  • Selected top TESOL Trainer
  • Certified Sole Agent, trusted IR & master franchiser for overseas affairs/Affiliates/Branches,etc.
  • N.B. Westminster’s Management team leaves its full trust & comfortably substantial convenience on S. Jovani & gives him the authority to run the overall international affairs & whatever the above mentioned (S Jovani) deems required for the global promotion of WCL’s academic /business development on the same token in the global scale.
  • Satisfactory advice giving plus honest & dedicated cooperation with WCL
  • Successful supervision over TESOL Department London (Central College Headquarters)  since 2010