Who We Are

The Westminster College London (WCL) was established in UK in 2009 & registered as a training institute in London (UK) in 2017 and has over the years trained a vast number of TEFL teachers from around the world. The college prides itself on the quality of its courses and the individual attention it provides every student who enrolls.

UK Registration Number: 10573181

WCL the company is made up of a passionate group of individuals whose lives have been changed by teaching English away from their home. We are so changed by the experience that we think it is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

We’re absolutely mad about the concept of travelling to a foreign country to teach English. This passion has led us to be the market leader in UK, Europe, and Middle East for providing TESOL training and resources for the industry. You’ll notice our obsession with quality and innovation.

Dr. Seyed Reza Abedi

Founder and Director – WCL